The scripting environment of Enterprise Architect is adjustable and user-friendly. It is possible to work with JScript and VBScript.

You can operate the scripting for a wide range of functions such as documentation, verification and refactoring. In addition, it can automate tasks that take a lot of effort.

These are the benefits of Enterprise Architect’s scripting environment:

  • Integration of Model Search
  • Involvement with MDG Technologies for the increasement of languages that are specific for the domain
  • Analysis and coverage of the model and element composition
  • Adaption and update of the element properties
  • Execution of queries to acquire detailed model information
  • Adaption of diagram layouts
  • Report of templates of documents to be able to fill out reports
  • Creation and execution of the process workflows
  • Expanded UI access to programming via context menus
  • Automation Server role for COM clients that are in-process and out-of-process
  • Management of element access via protection of the workflow