With the Add-In tool, the programmer will be able to upgrade the user interface to perform a range of functions thanks to the addition of new menus, sub menus, windows and other commands. The Add-In, which is an ActiveX COM object, will be warned of actions in the user interface like mouse clicks and selections of elements and will have access to the repository content via the Object Model. Furthermore, it is possible to integrate the Add-Ins with the license management system.


With the help of the Add-In tool, the Enterprise Architect can be extended for new features that are not included in the core product. These features can be collected and easily distributed to the users of an organization or even a full industry. The Add-In tool even offers the possibility to design support for the languages and frameworks of the model that are not included in the core product.


Would you like to have a certain functionality in Enterprise Architect or an extension? We can assist you with both the analysis and the development of this Add-In.