Installation & Start-Up

The professional use of Enterprise Architect requires a professional installation. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to work with a shared database repository for the smoothest cooperation possible. We will help you with creating the repository so you can get started right away.

When you work with Floating Licenses, you use the Sparx Systems Key Store Service. You can appeal to this service to administer the registration keys that come with the Floating Licenses. They can be acquired for Enterprise Architect Corporate, Business and Software Engineering, Systems Engineering, Ultimate editions and MDG products that are related. Of course we would like to assist you with this setup.

Sparx Enterprise Architect makes it easier for users to gain access to recent information by adapting the development of a project. They do it for example via server-based repositories. With User Security, you can protect your information from unintentional adaptations to elements and diagrams by using access rights for the function and user locks. We would like to assist you with this configuration.